Jun 24th, 2015

BIG NEWS! 'Vocal Leadership'!

If you have questions that need an urgent answer, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks Leo Molendijk, Hans van den Brand & Gerard Boontjes for making this happen with me!


From november 2015 Holland will have new education possibilities for 'Vocal Leadership'!! Different education forms will be offered located on Codarts Hogeschool voor de kunsten (Conservatory Rotterdam) and Fontys Hogeschool voor de kunsten - Academy voor muziekeducatie (Conservatory Tilburg). The institutes will cooperate with The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg/Aarhus, offering long-distance learning. Main teachers will be me, Jesper Holm (who will move to Holland for 2 years to help found the education!!), Jim Daus Hjernoe and Peder Karlsson!! I'm very proud to call them my future collegues. angel

In november/december we will host 2 inspiration days and from januari 2016 a 6-month 'inspiration course'. From september 2016 we will hopefully host a fulltime master, minor possibilities and maybe also a parttime master. The curriculum will be based on The Intelligent choir & The Organic choir, like they offer it in Aalborg. Accessible for conductors, teachers, singers and enthousiasts with and without a professional background. 

Check out both websites to sign up: 



See you soon!




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