May 20th, 2015

Master's Project 'Dutch Organic Choir'

It's finished! Last week I presented my Master's Project 'Dutch Organic Choir' for a board of teachers at the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, and now I'm ready to share the content of this version with all of you!

It has been a great journey, the 'organic choir' experience I had in the last 10 months. Many of you showed an interest, and as the board in Aalborg also pointed out; we are pioneering the Vocal Music field here. Dutch Organic Choir is the first large group that is based on rotated leadership. The combination with original music, style cross-overs, audience participation and impro+score combination are specific to Dutch Organic Choir. The basis was formulated by me and Peder Karlsson and we started rehearsing in september 2014 with a group of 16 experienced singers. We found out that MANY people were interested in the process, in our ideas and in the outcome. Both group dynamic wise as well as the musical outcome. Therefore, I'm very proud and happy to be able to share my Master's Project with you. Dutch Organic Choir has grown into a permanent group, as I hoped. The singers are very decicated and motivated to develop more repertoire, share experise and inspire each other. If you want to join the weekly rehearsals on thursday in Utrecht, check out our website: Dutch Organic Choir website

I hope to be able to inspire you with my experience of Dutch Organic Choir. I also hope to be able to talk to you in person about it, some day. And I also trust you to let me know if you ever want to take this content into a certain situation or context. I'm open to talk about it! 

Let me know if you enjoyed checking out my PDF, I would love to hear from you!

I'm very proud of this concept, the group and the PDF. And I'm also so thankfull for everyone who helped make this happen. So many were involved!! And Peder is the best. Without him there wouldn't even have been a DOC! 

Check out the PDF here: Master's Project 'Dutch OrganicChoir'

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