Jul 6th, 2016


A new vocal group will be born in September 2016! I'm so excited!! :-D

It's been a plan of mine for more then a year, and now we're online and you can apply for an audition: MAZE will be born in Septemer 2016. 

A few quick facts: 

- 20 singers, mixed 

- goal: many live concerts to also cover the members contribution and hopefully travel costs.

- wednesday night rehearsals on Codarts, 19-22

- Once a month extra sunday rehearsal 12-17 @ Codarts 

- First concerts Feb 22-24 together with www.talentproof.nl in Theater aan de Schie- Schiedam. 

- Music: accessible and challanging music! Only MAZE arrangements and/or originals. The identity it to be formed by our future members: you can play an active role in that process!! 

- Check www.mazevoices.com to sing up for you audition

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