Sound Shuffle 

Many singers think they only have one sound; that is their voice. But they are wrong! Merel shows you how to use your vocal technique and your ears to expand your choir’s or vocal group’s sound. That way you are able to give a dynamic performance which will dazzle your audience.


Looking for someone with a fresh view, to work with your choir or vocal group? Merel has many tools to work on different aspects like vocal technique, sound, rhythm and staging, via games and excercises. If you need new input, or just a fun coaching, Merel's the one

The Organic Choir

Together with Peder Karlsson (ex-Real Group), Merel founded Dutch Organic Choir. A choir that is built upon rotated leadership and style free a cappella music. This new method comes with a different approach to group dymanics and leadership styles. The games and exercises, developed with Peder, will be the content for this workshop. 

Groove Box

Do you want to improve your choir's rhythmic skills? Do you want your singers to have more groove? Merel offers a workshop with various elements to train your choir to feel rhythm. Adding fun rhythmic games makes this workshop not only educational, but lots of fun!

A capella improvisation

Have you always wanted to know how to use your own instrument 'on the spot' without any preparation? Merel knows how to combine various forms of improvisation to get into a nice groove or a circle song. After a good warm-up every one is game!

Vocal Interpretation  

It's not just about whát to sing, it's even more important to decide hów to sing it! An arrangement needs interpretation, for it to reach out to the audience. Merel uses vocal technique, (collective) phrasing, schadowing and many other tools to create a musical process that incorporates all singers in the interpretation. In the workshop, Merel studies one of her own arrangements with you, so you can enjoy singing and observe her leadership style.